Search Engine Optimisation

For your website to work hard on behalf of your business people need to find it.

Your website will be built to be search engine friendly. Search engine robots will be able to index your website thoroughly by the use of best practice on-page techniques, including fundamentals such as:

  • Website structure and hierarchy
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Page meta titles
  • Page meta descriptions
  • H1 heading tags
  • Alt text for images

But do you know what potential customers who want your product or service are typing into search engines? You might think its obvious because you know your own business. But often people are using a different search term. Or there might be niche opportunities you hadn't thought of.

For a truly effective start to your website's search engine optimisation, you need a professional to carry out keyword research, evaluate the results and then formulate a keyword strategy - which will inform the implementation on your website pages.

By approaching your digital marketing with a joined-up strategy, your website, blog, social media, email marketing and paid AdWords will be connected, driving engagement with your business.

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