Your domain name

Your unique location on the world wide web.

Domain names work a little like addresses, enabling computers using the internet to find specific locations (such as your website). If the domain name is like the address, web hosting is like the house where your website lives. Both web hosting and a domain name are required for your website to be available on the internet. 

In a web address, the domain name is the words that come after www. and the Domain Name System is in place to ensure that each domain name is unique, so that each address connects to the correct website. Domain names are registered with Nominet in your name.

Nominet Accredited Channel Partner

Nominet is the official registry for UK domain names. SPARK* is a Nominet Accredited Channel Partner, which means we've been through a rigorous vetting and approval process. We have committed to providing higher standards of data quality and customer service. You can be confident you are in safe, trustworthy hands as we manage your domains for you.

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