Google Analytics

As part of the website build, we will set-up and install Google Analytics on your website. We'll also configure some basic reports that you will receive monthly by email. 

What are the benefits of using Google Analytics?

There are many many things you can discover and measure but just a few important ones are:

  • See the sources of your website traffic
  • Find out which pages are popular
  • Understand your website visitor's journey
  • Get a geographic overview of your visitors locations
  • Set goals and measure conversion rates

Of course you can login to your Google Analytics account and drill down the data anytime. In reality we find many clients - even those with the best of intentions - forget to regularly examine Google Analytics to assess their website performance.

Analytics in your control panel

We can install and configure a tool directly into your website's CMS Control Panel which pulls in key data from Google Analytics.

By having Analytics in your Control Panel you can easily see a snapshot of your site's performance at any time, with the ability to click through directly to Google Analytics itself if you want to investigate in greater depth. And, importantly, it acts as visual reminder to actually analyse your analytics. By measuring performance and making improvements you'll be taking another step to meeting your business goals.

Set up Analytics